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Video Production

  • Videos Production: In this section we aim to create interesting videos for small and large companies that reflect the company or business.
  • Event Recording: This section is intended for our customers to handle all the recording during the event including taking high quality photos.
  • Baahinta tooska: Waa adeeg macaamiishenna u suura gelinaya in ay si toos ah looga daawado telefishinnada iyo baraha bulshada isla marka ay socoto munaasabadda ama dhacdada.


The advertisements that we do are of several types that we promote the name and activities of the company or business, and they consist of these three parts:

  • Commercial Advertising: This is advertising that we do for businesses or companies, this type of advertising is related to a specific service provided by the company or in general on behalf of the company.
  • Standard advertising: This type can be an advertisement for a program or a specific product such as a bug, movie, etc.
  • L Shape: This type of ad is designed to appear as part of the TV or screen you are watching and can be advertised for anything related to business whether it be the name of the company/business, a specific item or product. , and can be done either as a picture or as a video.

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