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Video Production

Bile Media, a leading video production company based in Somalia, excels in providing professional and high-quality video production services. Our expertise lies in creating compelling visual content that effectively communicates your message, making us the preferred choice for businesses and individuals seeking to elevate their visual storytelling. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, Bile Media stands at the forefront of video production in Somalia.

Professional Event Recording: Capture the essence of your events with our expert recording services, ensuring every significant moment is preserved with clarity and finesse.

┬álive streaming service: Bile Media’s live streaming service brings your events to a global audience in real time, using advanced technology for seamless broadcasting. Perfect for any occasion, it expands your reach, enhances engagement, and ensures your event is accessible worldwide, breaking geographical barriers.

Film Production: Bile Media, Somalia’s foremost film production company, where cinematic storytelling meets unparalleled creativity. As the leading force in Somali cinema, we are dedicated to producing films that captivate and resonate. Dive into our portfolio to discover how we blend innovative technology with unique narratives to lead the film industry in Somalia.”

Documentary Production :

At Bile Media, our mission is to produce captivating documentaries that authentically portray the multifaceted narratives and rich cultural tapestry of Somalia. Our passionate team is dedicated to uncovering the essence of local stories with precision and reverence, shining a spotlight on the unique characteristics of each region. With meticulous attention to detail and a nuanced storytelling approach, we strive to bring the vibrant tapestry of Somali life and heritage to audiences worldwide. Explore our meticulously crafted portfolio of Somalia documentaries, each capturing the essence of Somali culture and society with care and authenticity.


The advertisements that we do are of several types that we promote the name and activities of the company or business, and they consist of these three parts:

  • Commercial Advertising: This is advertising that we do for businesses or companies, this type of advertising is related to a specific service provided by the company or in general on behalf of the company.
  • Standard advertising: This type can be an advertisement for a program or a specific product such as a bug, movie, etc.
  • L Shape: This type of ad is designed to appear as part of the TV or screen you are watching and can be advertised for anything related to business whether it be the name of the company/business, a specific item or product. , and can be done either as a picture or as a video.

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